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Webmaster: John Webber, CET, CSS, Lt. (RCNR) Ret’d.
email... pacificsafety@shaw.ca

John is a retired RCSCC Commanding Officer in the Canadian navy reserve. He has had over 100 occupations including welding, engineering, fire fighter, inspector, author and retired after 20 years as a self-employed safety consultant and safety instructor in 2003.
He has been a passionate about warships since 1955. He toured his first submarine in 1956 and has toured over 60 submarines and warships.. He has spent over 350 days at sea on cruise ships, and naval ships and has visited over 50 countries.
His naval art started in 1957 drawing warship profiles. He grew up as a youth with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet organization in Vancouver, B.C. He served as an officer aboard HMCS QUADRA, a national Sea Cadet training facility.
He was a member of the Naval Association of Canada, an Honorary associate member of the Submariner’s Association of Canada and a 45 year member of the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta.
In 2015 was elected to the position of Historian of the Submariner’s Association of Canada (West)
His photos have been published in Jane’s Fighting Ships, Jane’s Merchant Ships and in various magazine articles.

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John Webber receiving bronze medal from Cdr M.F. Morres RCN ret, President NAC-VI, for his outstanding contribution to the Naval Association of Canada and providing an extraordinary commitment to the Canadian naval community.